SleepSleep: Riyad Dar Vedra, Marrakech, Morocco

Dar Vedra

Every year I try to go away for a few days with my father and my sister. Our last trip together went to to Marrakech in October. We stayed in this little calm riyad in the center of the Marrakech Medina. It is beautifully designed with a modern Moroccan touch. Due to the small size and many little corners it often feels as if you have the whole riyad for yourself. The roof terrace is great for relaxing with a good book while enjoying views over the city. Breakfast is served there until 12:00. The owners give great personal and attentive service and know all the good places. They even walk with you on the first day to help you find the way to the square and organised a daytrip in the Atlas for us.

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EatEat: L’Abyssin, Marrakech, Morocco



We went to have dinner here and had a WOW feeling from the moment we walked in. After a 10 min taxi drive outside town, this trendy and stylish open air restaurant puts immediately a smile on your face. A place that makes you feel a little special yourself. Everyone has their own little white linnen space, sitting on large white sofa’s while peeking at the beautiful people.
I didn’t have a chance to see the adjacent luxurious Palais Rhoul but that is apparently not bad either.

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EatEat: Kechmara, Marrakech, Morocco


The ‘new town’ outside the Medina feels completely different, like a modern Mediterranean city. If after visiting the Jardin Majorelle you feel like having lunch, this is a good choice. This place has a very open feeling, a Paris and 70’s touch with a lot of white and glass. You can eat inside, sit in front or on the roof terrace. The art on the walls changes frequently and they often organize concerts and exhibitions.

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EatEat: La Terrasse des épices, Marrakech, Morocco


In the middle of the Souk, you clime some stairs and arrive on a huge terrace with corners, tables and benches to sit and have lunch or dinner. The food is simple and decent, staff very friendly and the service is fast. There is a young crowd but be aware that no alcohol is being served.
In winter there are apparently great views from the terrace on the white tops of the Atlas mountains. Little signs in the Souk indicate where to find this place.

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EatEat: Kosybar, Marrakech, Morocco


Since many palaces and museums close at midday, we stopped to have lunch here. The restaurant is located on a nice little square called Place des Ferblantiers. The terrace provides for a great view not only of the Koutoubia Mosque but also of the many storks and their nests. Pleasant music makes you want to stay longer and relax before the next visit in the bustling town below.

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ShopShop: La Maison Rouge, Marrakech, Morocco

Maison Rouge

A Belgian lady living in Marrakech opened 2 shops in the ‘new town’, Côté Sud and La Maison Rouge both on Rue de la Liberté. Accessories, towels, cushions, bed linen, picture frames, bags and jewelry with a modern Moroccan touch, locally produced or imported from France and Belgium. I bought some silver napkin rings that look Moroccan and modern at the same time.

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