EatEat: Ut Lieuwke, Maastricht, The Netherlands


In May I had to be in Maastricht for work and in the evening we had dinner with some colleagues. One of them knew this little, local restaurant in the centre and we had a wonderful evening.
The place is run by a couple; he cooks and she is the host. The welcome is  warm and friendly and it is very hard to choose from the French menu and the suggestions written on the black board.

It was the time of asparagus and they were very very tasteful. The chocolate desert was the perfect way to finish it.

Three months later I was in town again for work and decided to take my German and Austrian guests to have dinner here again. This time I had lamb as a maincourse, accompanied by a delicious Italian red wine: Dedicato Langhe. As an appetizer we received a home made gazpacho with shrimps. My starter was a typical french delicacy but I don’t dare to mention it here…

My guests were just as enthusastic as me. I hope you will try it for yourself.

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ShopShop: De Verwondering, Maastricht, The Netherlands

While walking through the interesting neighbourhood of Wyck & Ceramique, where old and new Maastricht come together (at the east part of the river Maas), we found this little shop with all kinds of items for your interior, little gifts, jewellery, kitchen ware, postcards etc. Colourfull and at very reasonable prices. The owner is clearly a passionate woman. I bought a new wallet and this little green vase. This shop is worth a visit on your way to the Bonnefanten Museum.

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EatEat: Café Zondag, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Cafe Zondag

A nice little café that we came across and where we had lunch. It has a lovely ‘gezellig’ (*cosy) atmosphere with healthy and delicious food. The crowd seemed to be quite local. I’m sure they make lovely Mojito’s as well, but the drink on the image is their home made mint lemonade, jummie!

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SleepSleep: Kruisherenhotel, Maastricht, The Netherlands


Usually these are not the type of hotels that would feature on GoMarjo: expensive and you can easily find it yourself. However I do want to make an exception, as this was such a special treat in a fabulous city. As a birthday present I treated my love and myself to this design hotel. Built in 2005 in a former church it is a beautiful combination of modern design and old surroundings. The restaurant floats in the choir and the wine bar is just below in red, warm velvet. The staff is very welcoming and warm, typical for the whole city. The rooms have it all, all you need to do is dream away.

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